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Vinton Motors Co.

A brief history of Roanoke's oldest dealership

In 1931, during the height of the Great Depression, Bill Vinyard left his family farm to build his own business: Vinton Motors Company. Originally on the northwest corner of Pollard Street and Washington Avenue, Vinton Motors Company became a cornerstone of the Vinton community. Fourteen years later, he'd move his dealership across the street to its iconic location.

Over 77 years, the Vinton Motor Company served the automotive needs of the Roanoke Valley. The Vinyard name became synonymous with quality service and good products. 

In 1979, Billy Vinyard, Jr. took over his family's business. Vinton Motors Company continued its success, selling up to 300 cars per year and earning Ford's prestigious Blue Oval Status. 

In 2008, during the height of the automotive industry crisis, Vinton Motors Company had to shut its doors. The Town of Vinton has since been looking to bring new life into the classic structure.

The Wilkinson Group is pleased to announce our plans to rejuvenate the iconic building, in hopes of creating a space where Vinton can "Live, Work, & Play". Stay tuned for exciting tenant announcements and design plans!

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